Sideload onto Oculus Go?

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(Sorry for all the noob questions)
I tried to sideload Alien Attack onto my Oculus Go by extracting the apk and then using adb to install. adb reported success but the app does not show up under unknown sources as vridge did. Should this work?


  • It will not show up so it needs to be launched through adb command.

    Also, please install and launch NOLO HOME and login to personal account. Then purchase and download game from NOLO HOME app. Then extract the apk of the game and install it on the Go. Please select Gear VR as headset in NOLO HOME. 

    So technically it should work. 
  • Thanks for the response but this doesn't quite work.

    I tried launching Alien Attack with 

    adb shell monkey -p com.Chesstar.AlienAttack.NoloCardBoard 1

    but it said Nolo Home needed to be installed.

    I installed Nolo Home and launched it again but it presents a 2D screen that I can't quite read asking me to login to Nolo Home. No way to respond.

    When I run Nolo Home with

    adb shell monkey -p com.nolovr.nolohome.core 1

    it asks me for the headset type, again with no way to respond.

    I would be really nice to be able to run your apps on my Go so I hope you will look at this some more. Somehow, side loading Vridge shows up the app in the list of "Unknown Sources" and launches normally so I'm hoping you can do something similar.

  • Lots of good stuff to report! First: dumb mistake. I forgot that I initially installed Alien Attack as a cardboard app. I reinstalled it as GearVR and it loaded and even showed up in the Unknown Sources list. I had to authenticate myself to Nolo Home using Vysor and it ran. (I wonder if a keyboard could be used since I was able to pair one and use the return key to allow devices but I haven't had to enter text after that.)

    Then I worked on getting the controllers to work. I connected the headset marker to my Go, went through the usual allow dialogs and the controllers showed. I had my base on the ceiling from before but once I moved it down, it was great. Does this connection mode support ceiling mounting. That would be great for Alien Attack since defending myself from behind was challenging. Fun game, by the way!

    With this behind me, I'm looking forward to trying other mobile games with the controllers, especially if ceiling mode can be enabled. Certainly easier to run than connecting to the PC. However, having to power the marker from the Go is very limiting since it has to have a pretty good charge and it drains fairly quickly. Being able to provide external power with some kind of splitter cable would be helpful.

    Very challenging and fun getting this all working. Thanks for the help!

  • Thanks for the details and your efforts! At the moment it does not support ceiling mounting. 
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