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Now that I have my setup generally working, I'm trying mounting it on the ceiling. I enabled the setting in Nolo Assistant and tried mounting the base station upside down at various positions on the ceiling. I was not able to get any good results. The visualizer shows everything backwards. When I try in Steam, it's better but the controllers are too high and positioning is so erratic that I'm not sure what's going on. I've seen references in the forum to a different dll that needs to be installed but, like the old driver, I assume the need for this has since been eliminated. Without any instructions, it's really hard to tell though.

One issue for sure is that the marker and controllers lose tracking when under the base station. In normal mode, they lose tracking in the same way when over the base. I saw a video of someone playing a game directly under his base station. Is my base broken, wrong firmware, older hardware version or what?

Does Nolo have any instructions to help a user get this going?


  • Whoops, just figured out my dumb mistake. I had just assumed the base gets mounted upside down. Seems obvious now, but the front faces down. Once I did that, things started working as expected. The controllers don't always seem to face directly forward with a double click, but I can work on that. At least it is generally working.

    (Even though it was a dumb mistake, a little documentation on this would really help a noob like me.)
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    Hi @Vinoh,

    For ceiling mode - Please make sure the controller orientation calibration has been completed successfully. This could also be found from our FAQ session - https://www.nolovr.com/faq

    Q: Does NOLO support 360° tracking?

    A: At this stage, NOLO does not support 360° tracking natively; while we offer two solutions:
    sol 1. Double-click menu button on one of the controllers for '180° turn around';
    sol 2. Ceiling mode (i.e. base station mounted on the ceiling) - it offers a 360° playable area being tracked; and theoretical (optimal) height of ceiling is at 2.5m ~ 5m, the effective tracking area therefore might be affected by the actual height of ceiling;
    Please note -

    In ceiling mode, the reference direction is set as the direction that system button of base station is pointing in; please calibrate the controller orientation pointing in reference direction (i.e. no need to point to the ceiling);

    The tracking precision would not be different from Normal mode (front-facing). While tracking lost might be frequent because of the block of tracking beacon on the devices by the player him/herself during the play, according to the player's behavior while lowering head (tracking beacon on the headset marker might be blocked) or keep hands straight (tracking beacon on the controller might be blocked). 

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