New version of iVRy (1.10) available. Use your phone as a SteamVR VR HMD for your PC.

What is iVRy?

iVRy is an app for your iOS or Android device that lets you use your device, with a compatible Google Cardboard-type VR headset, as a VR headset for SteamVR and Oculus Rift* PC VR titles. In conjunction with NoloVR, iVRy is able to provide full 6DOF HMD tracking and 6DOF motion controllers.

Full NoloVR support is built into the iVRy SteamVR driver. The iVRy driver is compatible with the NoloVR Windows Driver and NoloVR Assistant, but it is not necessary to install any NoloVR software.

The iVRy SteamVR driver adds a settings UI to the SteamVR dashboard, which can be used to configure the mobile app and the driver, and is fully compatible with NoloVR touch controls, as well as Steam supported gamepads.

iOS app on App Store:

Android app on Google Play:

* Using LibreVR ReVive


  • Nolo wireless?
  • When Lyrobotix updates their Android SDK to something ready for production.
  • Hey,

    We are researching and comparing on the performance of multiple streaming solutions. We'll release the option with the best performance possible once we get results. 
  • @admin The (alpha quality) Android SDK was last updated 8 months ago. Is it safe to assume that Lyrobotix has abandoned the Android SDK?

    I don't see how the performance of streaming solutions (whatever that is) has anything to do with the Android SDK.
  • If you have been experiencing connection issues with the latest iVRy driver, please download an updated version (link given in app) that resolves these issues.
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    iVRy seems very unstable on my 3 Sony Android phones. It keeps crashing after a while and the performance halved from 50 fps with 1600x900 to 30fps when i use on updated and outdated drivers. So im forced to use iVRy app and iVRy Nolo alpha driver for SteamVR (posted here in the forums) to actualy use it. Also, is it possible to switch to HMD gyro rotation like the Nolo alpha driver did? Because my newest phone doesnt even have any - usable - gyro sensors and iVRy becomes unusable :/
  • You can force the driver to use NoloVR gyro by adding

    "disableDeviceOrientation" : true

    to the "driver_ivry" section in the steamvr.vrsettings file.

  • Ahh totaly forgot about that, very nice, thank you! Tho the performance of the iVRy app is still quite horrible - atleast for me on my 3 android phones ive tested, Xperia V, Xperia Z2, Xperia XA1. It doesnt seem like its rendering correctly because i have 1/2 of the fps i get than from the older version and i get some *unfinished* rendering artifacts on the right eye (Gray lines of pixels at the bottom randomly). And its crashing often or becomes unstable. runs fine on the newest iVRy driver. I cant be the only one with this issue right? :| I hope this gets fixed in future versions. iVRy is a superb and easy to use app for VR!
  • Is there any way to get the phone gyro to sync up with the nolo gyro? I'm wondering because my iphone almost has a better gyro yet it doesn't work with the double tap 180 degree turnaround function fir nolo.
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    @Corei5y The NoloVR SDK doesn't provide any way to give the headset marker a new center reference. As the controller positions are given in the headset marker frame of reference I have to keep the phone gyro in sync with the Nolo headset marker. The only way to recenter in this scenario is to double-click the NoloVR "recenter" button (usually the "system" button unless you change it in Nolo Assistant).

    I'm not sure what you mean by 180 turnaround "doesn't work", as it has been tested extensively, can you elaborate? I assume you're using the latest app and driver.
  • @Externet I will look into that. Do you get the same issues (performance drop, render artifacts) in "direct" and "virtual" SteamVR driver modes?
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    Both modes, yes
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    When ever I used the 180 turn double click hotkey the tracking for both the head set marker and controllers act as if I were still facing in the previous direction after the hmd shows the turn around. The tracking stays in this almost inverted state, even when I do more "turn arounds" with the hotkey, I have to use the recenter function with the system button to finalize the turn. By "inverted" I mean that when ever I make a movement before the recenter, such as moving forward, the opposite action would be displayed. Now I did all that with the compass on ivry turned to "never on" or something like that. The quick turn around function worked similarly when I turn on the compass reference function on ivry. However, when ever I used the "recenter" system button, it would recenter me to my initial position and thus nullify the 180 turn around function. Now I did most of the testing in Vrchat, which recently had an update, but I still saw the same behavior when I closed the game and just used Steamvr. 
    I *think* I have the most recent drivers and have reinstalled them recently for both ivry and nolo sdk. 
    I would also like to point out that I have been using the gyro in the headset marker for a long while and once I did the update with the ivry app&sdk it switched to using my iphone 7plus's gyro. I noticed because of the snappy gaze tracking which was not as fluid with just the nolo headmarker.
    I would also like to see how this all works when I give control back to my nolo headset marker, but I really don't know how to find the "driver_ivry" in the steamvr.vrsettings file.
    Idk where to go from here:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\ivry"
    I think i'm doing something wrong with that path way or something.
    Could you provide a small guide for that please? 

    Side note: I think the 2 meter micro usb cord I use for my nolo headmarker my be defective after testing it a few days ago with different devices. I'm going to have it replaced soon. 
  • @Corei5y I'll have a look what could be causing that. The new version of the app and driver have a SteamVR dashboard settings "app" for iVRy, that you access from the SteamVR dashboard. You should use that for changing any settings related to NoloVR.
  • I saw the app in the dashboard but it didn't open. I'll check on it some time today because it might just have been my computer being backed up or something.
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