Throwing objects

Has anyone been able to throw objects in any app? I've been using The Lab in SteamVR and trying to throw sticks to the robot dog. They just drop to the ground when I release them. I've tried every option for throw detection in Riftcat and nothing works.


  • Update your firmware. Hope this helps!
  • Hi @vinoh, We'll get back to you once received update from our tech team. 
  • Thanks, but I'm not sure I understand. Is there a recent update I should be looking for? I don't see any update mechanism in Nolo Assistant; do I use the old Nolo driver app to check for updates?
  • FYI, the Nolo driver app shows that the Marker (2.1) and Controllers (2.2) are up to date.
  • edited June 2018
    Just an update (or say a reply) from our tech team once they figure out the issue. Sorry about the misunderstanding. 
  • Our tech team has been resolving the issue; please wait for the update on Assistant (planned to be released next month). Thank you. 
  • Cool, thanks!
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