New version of iVRy (1.11) available. Use your phone as a SteamVR VR HMD for your PC.

What is iVRy?

iVRy is an app for your iOS or Android device that lets you use your device, with a compatible Google Cardboard-type VR headset, as a VR headset for SteamVR and Oculus Rift* PC VR titles. In conjunction with NoloVR, iVRy is able to provide full 6DOF HMD tracking and 6DOF motion controllers.

Full NoloVR support is built into the iVRy SteamVR driver. The iVRy driver is compatible with the NoloVR Windows Driver and NoloVR Assistant, but does not require any NoloVR software to be installed.

The iVRy SteamVR driver adds a settings UI to the SteamVR dashboard, that can be used to configure the mobile app and the driver, and is fully compatible with NoloVR touch controls, as well as Steam supported gamepads.

iOS app on App Store:

Android app on Google Play:

The updated driver fixes an issue with NoloVR turnaround "shortcut" when using device orientation, and can be downloaded from:

* Using LibreVR ReVive


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