NOLO July Recap

In this month,

➡ July 5 - Visited the first Qualcomm China joint innovation center! Checked out the reference design for 6DoF Standalone brought by Qualcomm, Nibiru OS and NOLO!

➡ July 6 - At 2018 Amazon Christmas Wishlist Activity in UK!

➡ July 9 - Attended 2018 Huawei Consumer Business - Global Partners and Developers Conference - demonstrating Huawei VR 2 + NOLO CV1 for 6DoF fully immersive SteamVR play!

➡ July 20 - Rolled out regular update on NOLO HOME mobile application, including - i) refined third-party login method to allow logging in using third-party accounts, ii) "Wishlist" folder to keep track of desired games; and iii) "My Game" folder to get easy access to downloaded games.

Thanks @Verawat Akwatnantakun and @Joshua Alanko for contributing great ideas on "downloaded games folder" for improving NOLO HOME 

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