"Instable" replacement controller broke after 2 months

Hello Nolo Team,
my new replacement controller broke, it got the same touchpad issues my old one had and it gets even worse. The new controller is one of the instablest controllers i had. It shuts off randomly and the touchpad is turning off randomly aswell so i have to restart the whole controller to make it "work" again. Until 5 presses on it which makes it shut off again. Also, since i have the new controller it makes my whole tracking super glitchy. The head movement is freaking out all over the place when i look in a specific direction. I never had that before, until i got the new controller...

Im so upset. I paid so much for that new controller, which was a waste of money because it didnt even fixed the problem my other controller had and only made it worse! Im not going to spend another 80€ for a controller thats probably gonna break again. I already spend too much money on this, i could have gotten a Oculus by now. I demand a new one.
My left controller stays loyal without any major issues for 8 months atleast...



  • Hi @Externet

    Sorry about the controller issues. 

    We'll send you a new unit of controller as soon as possible. 

    As for tracking issue, please let us know - 

    a. LED status of powered-on NOLO devices, especially for base station please include LED on top, lights from front panel and vibrating status;

    b. Please let us know connection status in NOLO Assistant - please turn on all NOLO devices and plug in only headset marker to PC;

    c. Please let us know the device behavior in the Visualizer from NOLO Assistant - please turn on all NOLO devices and plug in only headset marker to PC;

    d. Please check the recommended play area setup (as attached) and make sure that there is no reflective walls or complicated wireless environment that will affect the behavior of devices. 

  • Thanks.
    The tracking issues happens only with the new controller i got. It could be anything since its completely unstable. Also seems like the new controller was shipped with firmware version 2.2, but my other and the old controller is still 2.1. I tried to update everything with the old driver but it says everything is up-to-date. Maybe that could relate to the tracking issues? How can i update the firmware anyways now? Theres no option in the Nolo Assistent.

    a: All green, basestation 2 red front lights and vibrating.
    b: Everything successfufly connected with the old driver same with the new Nolo Assistent.
    c: Tracking works as it should be for the most part. Unless i look in a certain direction then the headmarker freaks out all over the place with the new controller paired and running. I paired the old controller again and the issue was gone.
    d: Its not optimal but i have no tracking issues for 6 months now. Until i got the new controller that is.

    Is it possible to get a new controller with version 2.1?
  • Hi @Externet

    We have sent you an email, please check the mailbox! Thank you.  
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