Nolo VR & Steam Link?

Hi all,

I think I'm having tracking issues with my Nolo VR & OSVR HDK2 gear due to the space/area where I am trying to use it now. Is a small room where I have my desktop pc and it does not meet the requirements of having at least 1 mt free or items around me. There are shelves and lots of electronic gear.

So my question is, would something like a Steam Link work? Idea would be to keep the desktop machine where it is and use the Nolo VR in the Living room where I have enough space for it.

Or in alternative would be to somehow have a configuration that would allow me to use it in a smaller space?



  • Hi @nandox7

    As NOLO is not compatible with Steam Link at the moment, NOLO's 6DoF tracking cannot be used with Steam Link. 
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