NOLO HOME Update (v.1.2.3) with VR mode included!

edited December 2018 in General

1. Released VR mode for NOLO HOME mobile version (for Cardboard type headsets) - 
i. Press the power/system button on the controller to enter VR mode to run installed games directly
ii. Quit game / switch game by pressing power/system button 
2. Optimized the signature procedure for Gear VR users - do not need to download OSIG file seperately 
3. Optimized the installation procedure for Gear VR users and solved the issues of installation failure for some users 

Temporary download link: 
Updated version on Google Play Store will be available soon. 

PS. If the installed games are not displayed on the board after launching VR mode, please try to re-login to NOLO HOME to access the games.

For more info:

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