my controller is lagging in beat saber!!

hello TT
i'm using NOLO and PSVR in steamvr.
nolo has perfectly run in my system but i has lag problem in beat saber.
why this happens i don't know... 
plz solve this!!

perhaps.. my PC spec is too low to VR.???
im using gtx960 4GB and i5-6600k //// 16GB ram.

these you guys who are having the same problem???

thx to read.
im not good at eng... sry~XD


  • Hi, there. Could you let us know the lag was shown by the screen or the controller movement?
  • hello there!!! thx for comment! 
    lagging in my controller movement.
    in my game screen ( note block ) does not lagging..... only my controller.
    usually the has not mismatch movement but when i swing faster, they have lots of lagging.....
  • Thanks for your reply. We are currently developing new firmware which could improve the experience. 
  • thx!! if.... if.,... this problem has completely down!! huge thanks for you~~
  • I got my nolo just yesterday, spent an evening trying to set up psvr for beat saber. Still tweaking the positioning through trinuspsvr, but when I tested the controllers in beat saber, whenever I swing, the controllers only move when I finish the swing. but tracking is very smooth otherwise in all other scenarios
  • Hi SeaBreamQueen, Could you record a short video about this issue and send it to our Support Team at
  • Hi, this sounds like the problem I have sometimes. I recorded video here:
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