NOLO Compatibility with Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR


I have set up and used NOLO successfully with Trinus/PSVR and RiftCat/GearVR but have had issues with each, unrelated to NOLO (a constant judder and too many compression artefacts respectively).

I have therefore had a go at using NOLO with a Lenovo Mixed Reality HMD which I found on sale without controllers.

However, when using SteamVR there is no touch input registered from the touchpads. Clicks in the centre of the pads are registered. Under some circumstances clicks on the edges of the pads are registered but not always (e.g. in Fallout 4 VR). There is no haptic feedback when swiping the touchpad and the green circles which are sometimes superimposed on the controller models do not ever appear.

I switched back to using GearVR and everything worked fine again. I didn't uninstall the Windows Mixed Reality plugin/driver in SteamVR, just unplugged the WMR HMD so the plugin/driver doesn't activate.

I am using Driver4VR with head and controller tracking set to NOLO. I also tried this with Driver4VR set to use NOLO for head tracking only and using just the standard NOLO Assistant driver for the controllers. They were off-centre from the HMD and not really usable this way, but it was enough to confirm that the problem with the touchpads persisted.

I am using the latest version of NOLO Assistant.



  • Hi meepowl, please try your controllers in Visualizer under NOLO Assistant and let us know the result.
    In order to diagnose the issue, could you record a short video about the performance of NOLO Assistant, and also the constant judder and too many compression artefacts which you mentioned?
  • Thank you for the reply. I'll record the issue with NOLO & WMR (no touch input).

    The other issues are caused by GearVR/Riftcat (artefacts) and Trinus (judder). They occur whether or not I use NOLO. I mentioned using these only as context, because the NOLO touch input issue doesn't occur with them. It only happens when I use NOLO and WMR together. Sorry about the red herring.
  • No problem. Could you send your short video to our support team at
  • Hi I'm an considering getting the lenovo and using my nolo with it. What would be the best way to set this up? Also is the problem meepowl had still a problem or did it or will it get fixed?
  • Hi pearce32, we haven't received the video from meepowl. Currently, NOLO is not officially compatible with Driver4VR. We will announce any further progress if possible.
  • Ok nolo team thank you
  • Hi pearce32, you could always reach us at 
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