Base Station Turns on but doesn't Track

When I turn the base station on, the red lights turn on, but it won't track or detect my controllers or head mount


  • Hi Speeder, could you please let us know the LED status of powered-on base station i) LED on top, ii) lights from the front panel and iii) vibrating status? 
  • The power button shows green and the front lights are red, just like when I usually use it, it is vibrating as well
  • Excuse me for asking, but have you noticed my comment?
  • my controllers and such aren't even detected now...
  • Hi Speeder, sorry for the delayed response. The office was closed due to national holidays. Could you try your devices in the Visualizer under NOLO Assistant? (for how to use Visualizer, please check out:
  • Oh ok, I just tried in the visualizer them after charging to see if that was the problem, they don't seem to be tracking or recognized, I also downloaded the nolo assistant, still nothing
  • Thanks for your update. May I check with you that if you connect your headset marker to your PC by using the USB cable? Once you connect the headset marker and your PC, it should be detected your controllers. (as your base station seems work properly)
  • I have plugged my headset marker in and it shows a green light, so do the controllers, yet they still aren't detected
  • ok so it just started working again after turning on ivry, and waiting a bit, seems to work fine, thanks for the help and for your time!
  • Hi Speeder, thanks for your update. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any other assistance. 
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