Controllers to near in steam vr


Controllers are to near in steam vr how do I get them further away by default

Also one controller keeps losing its calibration in steam vr it move 10 degree's off



  • Hi Mark, could you try your controllers in the Visualizer under NOLO Assistant and let us know its behavior? And you could also try to calibrate the controller orientation by double click the system button while the controller facing the base station. 
  • I have tried the button on top of the hmd marker and double clicking the system button on the controller while facing the base station

    It just does the calibration I feel the controllers are too close me need to be a little futher away

    will try the visualizer when I get home

    is there no way of changing the default distance


  • Hi Mark, thanks for your reply. Could you please try to record a short video when you are trying the Visualizer? 
    For the better experience, the distance between the base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle) 
  • whats  the best software for recording footage
  • Hi nookey, you could use the hotkey "Win+G" for screen recording.
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