my controller is toooooo legging in beat saber!!!!

that has too much lagging..
can't play game!! why???????
when you'll updating??? TTT
tooo much lagggingg!!!!


  • Hi zmflvlxm, in order to diagnose the issue, could you try your controller in the Visualizer under NOLO Assistant and record a short video about its performance?
  • ok ill take then. okok ill try thx!!!
    where do i send this video????
  • Please send your video to our support team at, thanks. 
  • send the mail to your e-mail!!
  • Did you find a fix?
  • Hi zmflvlxm, we have replied your email. 
  • Hi Junian, as there are many issues may cause the lagging, we may need further information such as what HMD has been using and what connection mode has been using to diagnose the issue. 
  • edited October 2018
    Only beat saber is lag, every other game that I try work, maybe is the game, by the way I'm using gear vr (note 5) with riftcat and nolo assistent in wireless gear vr mode.
    Even vive and oculus users are reporting this problem (
  • Hi Junian, thanks for your reply. We are developing update firmware that will improve this issue. 
  • I installed the new firmware through Nolo Home Pc and it seems to improve the performance in beat saber, my firmware version was 1,2, tracking in general feels more smooth, can't get the 180-turn to work in this version too.
  • Hi Junian, I have replied your issue about 180 degrees in another post. :)
  • thank you
  • My pleasure.
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