Turn-Around not Working

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Everything seems to be working fine, but when I click the home bottom twice the screen just turn black and I can see the controllers flipped on my back, how do i fix it?
Ps: If i click again the screen come back to the normal orientation and the screen become normal


  • Hi Junian, may I check with you that which software and HMD are you using?
  • I'm using gear vr with riftcat 2 wirelles and the nolo head tracker throght usb, and in nolo assistent I selected wirelles gear vr mode, every program is updated
  • To be more clear, I think the frame of the 360° image that is send to the phone doesn't rotate, so when I look to my foot I can still see the frame in the other side but messed up, if I mirror the view to my monitor every thing look fine, just in gear vr view that things don't work as expected, the nolo vr traking is very good, except in beat saber but that seems to be the games fault, and the riftcat doesn't show any lag, my only problem right know is the rotation in games that it is needed
  • Hi Junian, thanks for your reply. It's a RiftCat issue. And RiftCat has noticed about this issue and will fix it soon. 
  • Ok, I will wait for the update, there is a beta version already, probably will come soon
  • Hi Junian, please contact us if you need any further assistance. 
  • I contacted the riftcat support, and they know that this problem exist for a while, they don't know if it will be fixed in the next update, they said 'the usb mode never worked properly and we don't have plans for nolo vr this time'
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