Controller Trigger Not Working?

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So had it about a week and the controller trigger has broken already? playing GORN so I can double tap menu to hold so I know it is just the trigger that is broken. How do I get a replacement sent?


  • Hi WJRev, in order to diagnose whether the trigger has broken, could you try your controller in the Visualizer under NOLO Assistant? 
  • Thanks for reply. I will do that tonight. I know its broken because it doesn't click any more...
  • Hi WJRev, let us know the result. Also, send us your order number to If there is something wrong with the trigger, we will help you to solve it. 
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    Ok, so I managed to have a look at the visualizer before work. Both controllers show and track. But the controller with the trigger problem constantly vibrates and does not show the trigger movement.
  • Hi WJRev, thanks for your update. The trigger will not show its movement in the Visualizer. The trigger will vibrate each time the trigger is pressed.
  • No the controller permaantly vibrates in the visualizer. So must be detected as stuck down? 
  • I bought through eBay as new. Do you need proof of purchase or the picture of sticker on box?
  • Hi WJRev, thanks for your update. Could you re pair the devices again and see whether the issue has been solved? ( Also, please send your proof of purchase from eBay to our support team at If the device needs to be maintained,
    as it's not purchased from our official site or authorized channels, we could provide maintenance and the customer will be required to pay for round trip shipping costs and maintenance costs.
  • Thanks for your reply. I will try re-pairing tonight. But I am pretty disappointed in the fact I will have to pay costs for an item that has failed within one week of light use?
  • Hi WJRec, we have replied to your email. 
  • UPDATE: I will return this to the seller on eBay. I cannot slate the product as I beleive it to be a great product for the price I paid (£129). I am however disappointed in your stance on warranty. I will not be ordering another one through Nolo or your "authorized" channels as the product is not worth the price you are asking. For another £200 I can get the Rift in UK. To any one interested in purchasing please do not let this put you off, just make sure you buy from NOLO direct.
  • Hi WJRev, thanks for your update. We strongly recommend that users purchase NOLO product from our official website and authorized channels to ensure product quality.
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