Nolo Home Error

I have had this issue for awhile that is preventing me from even using the product. Just wondering if there is a fix to this.file:///C:/Users/owner/Pictures/Nolo%20Error.PNG


  • Error code: 20:0C:C8:0F:EB:EF#20181021#200623
  • The type initializer for 'Nolo_WPFAssistant.CoreFiles.TheApp' threw an exception.
     At Nolo_WPFAssistant.CoreFiles.TheApp.InitTheApp().
     At Nolo_WPFAssistant.App.App_Startup(Object sender, StartupEventArgs e) at.
  • Hi, would you be available for a remote assistance via TeamViewer (Monday - Friday)?
    If so, please provide us your preferred time slot to and we will try to solve the problem through remote assistance. (Please mention your Forum ID in the email. )
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