I know it has been posted here several times. But seems that none of the threads give me answer.

After I purchased my nolo they seems to work fine. On third day I realised shaking. Small but constant shaking of the whole room. Using pimax 4K, and running it with steam with vr. 

I tried dark room, covered reflective surface, turnod of monitors, pairing, etc

The further I'm from Base station the more visible shaking is. Regardless of the room. Not to mention that before I didn't have any problem. No instalation of new pimax software or drivers.

Is it possible that they are defect?

Any ideas?


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    Maybe your floor is reflecting the sound waves produced by the base station, I am using a rug in my play area, before the rug I could't make the ceiling mode work every thing was just to shake, now it works, the rug is covered in fur that's probably enough isolation.
  • Hi dust83, can you try it in the Visualizer under NOLO Assistant? Also, it will be really helpful if you could shoot a short video about it and send it to 
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