Can't Download "Ruins City" on NOLO HOME app


It's say that Ruins City on the Nolo Home app is free but the download button on the game page doesn't do anything.

I am in France and I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 ( Indian name is Note 5 pro don't know why but it's the same phone)


  • Hi William_Banana, thanks for your message. Can you try to reinstall NOLO HOME and try again?
  • Hi again, just did it and I still can't download it. Btw is the game free ? Because some days I saw it for 0.01$ and now it's free.
  • Hi, did you login in your account in NOLO HOME? Ruins city is a free game. If you logged in your account, can you try to download another free game Tetris to check? 
  • I am loged to my account (with my phone number) and I have download and played all of the free games (Tetris, Alien Attack, Goalkeeper) except for Amazing Magic which is not translated in english on my phone so I don't understand anything for the game :(
  • Hi, go to setting in your Note 5, and select "Installed apps", then find "NOLO HOME", click Clear data at the bottom of the page. Then check if you can download it. For Amazing Magic, you just use your magic wand to draw the symbols in the air that enemies are carrying.
  • @William_Banana, For Amazing Magic, once you are in the game, press the menu button, the game will ask you whether you want to back to the menu (in Chinese). You click the left button to confirm. And then click the right button on the bottom which is setup. You will see there are two options available. The right one is language, click it and you will find the English option there.
  • Hi, Thanks for Amazing Magic but I tried what you said for Ruins City and I still can't download it.
  • @William_Banana We sent you a message of the link. Please try and update with us. Thanks.

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