I do not know which is the problem.

It works well with nolo assistant.


It does not work in steam vr.

"nolo driver for windows-master"  version has the same symptoms as steam vr.

I use the ivry program.

Is the controller a problem?

Is the base station a problem?

We are working on the fourth day. Please help me.


  • Hi namehotang, thanks for your message. We replied to your email. 
  • hello As you can see from the YouTube I sent, nolo assistant Visualizer works well. Only steam vr does not rotate x y z. I want to know if I need to install it in order to use it in Steam. I did not cover the machine with my hand.
  • I'm using ivry.
  • When I look at the people on the screen, the base station does not work or it does not exist at all, but it does not work properly when it exists. Is this because of this?
  • Hi, what HMD are you using? Also, are you using a 5GHz WiFi network? As you see, they work well in the Visualizer. Then it should be a software issue. And when you tried it in Visualizer, you used a USB cable to connect the headset marker to the PC. But when you use ivry, if you use the wireless mode, the internet problem may affect its performance. 
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