NOLO: Please cease and desist distribution of iVRy driver

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@admin Please remove any and all copies of the iVRy SteamVR driver from your servers and stop distributing it (which you are doing without permission). If you wish to provide links to the driver on your website, please use this link (which will always point to the latest version of the driver):

The driver is updated regularly (without announcement) and it doesn't help anyone for Lyrobotix to be distributing out of date drivers. For instance, the driver currently available on is 6 months (12 versions) out of date.


  • @iVRy Thanks for your message. We will use the link you provided to replace the original link. 

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    @admin Thanks, makes life easier for everyone. NoloVR support is included in all versions of the driver, so there isn't a need (any more) for NoloVR specific build of the driver.
  • Still not. Is the NoLo_USBHID.dll file located in the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ SteamVR \ drivers \ ivry \ bin \ win64 folder installed from ivry? My controller does not work with versions that are the same file name as the version 12 067 2017.
  • I think it is because of me.I wrote a comment.
  • @namehotang ; Yes, the Nolo USB DLL supplied with iVRy is the latest from the NoloVR Windows USB SDK. If your controllers are not working with the Nolo Windows USB driver, that's not something I can help with, you'll need to speak with Nolo support. I will check to make sure there are no clashes with Nolo Assistant.
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    nolo assistant does not use NoLo_USBHID for this file.In rift cat2 the controller works. I was using ivry but it is not working and I am using riftcat. too bad.
    The Nolo Windows USB driver does not read from my computer. I do not know why. I used it because of the quality and the frame is good in ivry. It is a sad thing to me in various ways.
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    @namehotang ; Please send me the vrserver.txt file. You can find it in the 'logs' directory inside your Steam installation (usually 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam'). Please also include the make and model of your phone, as well as the OS version.
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