Beta version of iVRy for PSVR available, use your PSVR headset with SteamVR

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Public Beta version for the PSVR version of iVRy available. If you have a PSVR and would like to test the upcoming PSVR version, that lets you use your PSVR as a SteamVR VR headset for PC, use this link to download the driver (requires Steam and SteamVR):

No additional drivers or software needed to use with NoloVR.


  • I've withdrawn this beta. The non-beta version will be available on the Steam store in the coming weeks.
  • The link above is live again. The version there is the DEMO version of the "release candidate" for the Steam store release.
  • I tried this demo without  nolo vr hardware. Works but Drift camera is terrible. It's  because  I don't have nolo vr hardware?
  • @pexpe85 ; Rerun the calibration. You'll need to bring up the iVRy settings app in the SteamVR dashboard UI, and select "Recalibrate". If you can't do that, edit the steamvr.vrsettings file and remove the "driver_ivry" section. When calibrating the PSVR tracking (which is done the first time you use the driver or by pressing the "Recalibrate" button), you'll need to put the PSVR on a flat surface facing whatever direction you want to be "forwards". Most likely the PSVR wasn't on a flat surface when you first tried to use it with the iVRy driver. Once it has been calibrated, you shouldn't have to calibrate it again.
  • Thanks  for reply. psvr was was on flat surface and I  clicked many time recalibrate  but drift again and again. Unstoppable. After many time  I gave up. Drift only  on steam vr not on windows desk
  • @pexpe85 Perhaps you are running some other software that is using the PSVR? It's not possible to see the Windows desktop otherwise. In any case, the Windows desktop doesn't read PSVR trackers, so that's not going to drift. Are you perhaps moving the PSVR during the calibration process (while lights are flashing)?
  • No i have removed trinus vr, anyway I will try it again.

    I see the desktop on psvr at pc start,then I run steam vr. I am doing something wrong?

    Ps.sorry for bad English 
  • @pexpe85 Ok, sounds like you're doing everything correctly. You can try turning the PSVR off (hold down power button on inline remote until light on PSVR breakout box goes red) and then on again (hold down power button until light goes white).
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    I removed ivy section in vr.setting, now no more drift but stuck at 60fps.

    Edit: windows + tab .....alt+enter    fix 60fps
  • @pexpe85 If you're having problems doing 90Hz or 120Hz, download the driver again. The initial version had something wrong with the monitor drivers for PSVR which left these modes disabled. This has been fixed now. You may need to uninstall all of the PSVR monitor drivers (in Control Panel->Uninstall a program) before installing the updated driver for the new monitor drivers to take effect.
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    @iVRy I have a problem with entering to ivry settings in steam vr dashboard. I cannot set focus to settings window. I think it might be related with this:

    Is there another way to change these settings? Could you give me keys and values to set driver_ivry json section in steamvr.vrsettings?
    I want to change IPD or refresh rate.
  • After a while I’ve installed Ivry on my pc again. Always black screen on PSVR( PSVR and monitor).i tried only psvr but strange fov and many windows of the games, solutions?
  • I've released a new version of the PSVR demo (same link as before).

    - Adds support for new (low latency Oculus Go) NoloVR firmware.
    - Automatically sets pixel format to "RGB" if PSVR is connected to AMD graphics card.
    - Fix bug that caused PSVR to default to 60Hz on some systems.
    - Adds system tray icon and desktop mode for iVRy settings, so it can be used without a gamepad or motion controller.

    Valve has also just released the new version of SteamVR (1.2.7) that has the fix for the invisible fullscreen desktop window that iVRy users were getting in "virtual" driver mode.

  • Oh god, awesome !
    But I wait for the full version because of the timeout of the demo...
  • With 60Hz is working fine (as good as 60Hz can be)
    But I'm not able to get it working correctly with either 90 or 120Hz.
    Although SteamVR Performance is telling the correct value, the image is stuttering and I get massive ghosting on both values.

    Is there any setup guide available?
    - do I have to set the PSVR as main display?
    - does the "normal" screen has to run the same refresh rate?
  • Have you tried disabling Reprojection in Steam VR (mirror windows, Shift + A, a message appear in green at top left to told you it's disabled)
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    @ReTin Most likely your setup is not capable of running high frame rate VR. You need to be using a 1080 or greater GPU if you want to run at 120Hz, and the Valve recommended minimum setup or greater for SteamVR to run at 90Hz. Setting the PSVR as main display or changing the refresh rates of other displays will have no effect on the PSVR.
  • disabling Reprojection didn't change anything.
    And I'm pretty sure, my system is not the problem.
    I'm running a i7 4770 with a 1070 and 16GB Ram, so 90Hz shouldn't be any problem.
    The ghosting is already massive in the SteamVR Dashboard

    Are there any logs or other traces that may help find the reason for this?
  • @ReTin ; Yes, that system should be fine for 90Hz, maybe even 120Hz. If you'd like some support please provide the files requested in this post:
  • It should be totally fine for 120FPS in dashboard for sure as my GTX680 have no problem...
    And even if the framerate go down, it shouldn't create ghosting image, just bad performances :/ 
  • I did a complete new clean installation of everything, and was able to gain a big improvement in the image quality. It's still not as good as I would expect it compared to the PS4, especially on quick head movements, but maybe some additional tweaking will help.
    (Sent you the requested files on FB)

    But I'm experiencing another problem now, as I just got my Nolo VR.
    In VR the controllers are a bit too high. When holding them in front of the face it's ok, but when my arms are straight down, in VR they are about 30cm too high, which is very disturbing.
    (I'm only using the iVRy driver, no additional SW from Nolo is installed)

    When can we expect a final version to be released, cause for the moment I will stick with trinus, due to the demo restrictions.
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