Outstanding NoloVR bugs that make using it unpleasant

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These bugs are in the Windows USB SDK version of the NoloVR drivers:

1) USB driver overwrites (and damages) SteamVR 'chaperone' configuration (a private file that should not be tampered with). This means that all HMDs (whether they are using Nolo or not) need to do room setup again whenever the Nolo USB driver is initialised (whether or not SteamVR is used). This is a serious bug that irritates users. There's no need for this, particularly when the software using Nolo (eg. iVRy) particularly doesn't want this behaviour. There is no way to opt out. I will modify the Nolo drivers I ship with my software to disable this 'feature', as I am tired providing support for this issue.

2) Default tracking center is 90 degrees off (anti-clockwise) or 270 degrees off (clockwise). Every time Nolo hardware is initialised the controller 'recenter' button needs to be clicked on each controller, several times, before controller and headset marker are centered towards the base station, even though the base station tracking position is correct (and so it's a bug that the devices do not start with center pointing towards base station)

@admin ; & @hettylool ; please address, these issues have been ignored for much more than 6 months at this stage.


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    ok how
  • @dlwndduq971 I've patched out issue (1) with a binary editor. Nothing I can do about (2). I used to assume that Nolo was in this state on startup, but that doesn't work, as there's no way (when starting the Steam driver) to tell whether Nolo has just been switched on, or whether it's still on from a previous session...
  • @iVRy Hi, the SteamVR 'chaperone' configuration has to be overwritten. Otherwise, the orientation cannot be calibrated. 
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    @admin ; That's funny, the whole thing works a lot better when I remove that from the driver. In any case, you're not allowed to modify "private" SteamVR config files, particularly when you damage them (which the Nolo driver does). At the very least, this behaviour should be "opt in". I don't want this functionality in my driver. To give an example of how bad this is. Let's say I use Nolo for something else (not Steam). It overwrites every HMD in the Steam chaperone config file, so after using Nolo for something else (not Steam), I need to rerun room setup for Vive in SteamVR. That kind of behaviour irritates users.
  • @iVRy Thanks for your reply. Users may not able to calibrate the orientation if you remove it from the driver. I hope you could understand. 
  • @admin Users can calibrate the position just fine. They only have to do it once, instead of every time they start SteamVR (like with the unmodified driver). They also don't have their calibration for other headsets messed up, because of a buggy driver doing things it's not supposed to be doing...
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