HMD Firmware update/recovery error

I have big problems after HeadsetMarker Firmware update to v2.1.
When connect  the HeadsetMarker to the PC, the light flashes orange once, disappears and can not be used/paired.
NOLO-Software shows;  Connection Status with "Hmd: connected".
But now the HMD can not be paired with the Base-Station. 
I have tried to perform the FW upgrade/recovery mode, but the
NOLO-Software always show: "not connected".


  • Hi, thanks for your message. Could you provide us the serial number on the product box start with LY words? 
  • Hi, i've mailed the serial number to:
  • @Luemmel70 We replied you  :)
  • Hi I tried to update headset firmware and Nolo asistan crash. Now olnly orange flashing and Windows don´t detect any more! ¿what can I do?
  • @hades Hi, thanks for your message. Could you send us an email to with your serial number on the product box starts with LY letters? Please also include your forum ID so we could who you are.  
  • I Did it.
  • @hades ; We replied to your message.
  • Hello. I think the same happened to me. I have Pimax 4K and NOLO VR. I had some problems with the controllers and decided that I need to update the firmware in order to get rid of them. When I installed the nolo drivers and the utility, I clicked the firmware update in it. After that, the device ceased to be recognized in the system. I sent you my serial number. Please help me! :(
  • @Webuser Thanks for your message. No problem. We will help you to downgrade it. If you have already sent your serial number to our support email, then we have already replied to your message. 
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