Pimax & nolo

I have pimax 4K and nolo but Pimax can't recognize nolo.Piplay current version is When i recognize the nolo to pimax controller axis is wrong in stream.


  • @eczerhan Thanks for your message. Here is the latest tutorial to set up Pimax 4K with NOLO CV1. The Pimax latest software is PITOOL. If you have any other problem, please feel free to contact us at support@nolovr.com.
  • I sent mail for problems your contact mail adreses.
  • Thanks, we received your email. 
  • My Pimax (firm & Piplay
    after  firmware update lost controller axis
    on Steam VR

  • @YSeiji Thanks for your message. Please send your serial number which shows on the product box starts with LY words to our support team at support@nolovr.com. May I know which software did you use for updating? (As we informed, the latest firmware is only compatible with Mi VR, Huawei VR2, Pico G2, Oculus Go, and Gear VR. 
  • Will we get firmware update for Pimax soon?
  • @ziher Thanks for your message. It will depend on Pimax's arrangement. We are working on to check with them about the compatibility of the latest firmware. 
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