"Something big is coming.."

What did the something big is coming (a) relate to?

"NOLO Development Schedule for November 2018
Working on:
a. Something big is coming...
b. Firmware upgrade of NOLO CV1
c. Compatibility with Skyworth S8000 VR Standalone"


  • NOLO willl release new "NOLO Home" software for Oculus Go and Gear VR, which will be clone of ALVR (Air Light VR by polygraphene) with NOLO VR support. Last info was on Facebook.
  • Hi, we just released the NOLO HOME streaming software.  :) There is another post in the forum about it. 
  • @admin Please clarify what the implications for upgrading the Nolo firmware are, for users of the PC drivers.
  • @iVRy, this firmware update is only suitable for Oculus Go and Gear VR users. 
  • @admin Yes, but what about users that want to use Oculus Go and PC drivers? Does this update affect PC users if they upgrade the firmware?
  • @admin Please provide some clarity on whether upgrading the NoloVR firmware will affect PC users. There are some users that want to use it for Oculus Go and PCVR.
  • @iVRy Thanks for your message. The latest firmware is only compatible with Oculus Go, Gear VR, Mi VR standalone, Huawei VR2, Pico G2. Users with other HMD such as Pimax 4K or PSVR, please do not update the firmware. If anyone is not sure about the usability of the firmware, please contact us at support@nolovr.com. 
  • @admin Ok, so you're saying if someone updates the firmware they won't be able to use the Windows USB SDK any more? And if they don't update the firmware they won't be able to use it with Oculus Go? It would really help everyone if you were very clear about this. Thanks.
  • @admin Please try to understand what I am asking here. There are some users who want to use BOTH the Windows USB driver and Oculus Go. What is the solution for those users?
  • @iVRy If some users would like to use BOTH the Windows USB driver and Oculus Go, they can just keep using the current firmware. They can still use the NOLO HOME streaming software, but we do not recommend them updating to the latest firmware. Once they update the firmware, they cannot use the Windows USB driver with NOLO CV1. (Which means they could only use Oculus Go with NOLO CV1) Thanks.
  • @admin Thank you for your response. That raises 2 further questions:

    1) What is different with the new firmware (ie. what are these users missing by not being able to upgrade)?
    2) When does Lyrobotix plan to update the Windows USB driver to match the new firmware?
  • @iVRy Thanks for your questions. 
    1) The latest firmware fixed some bugs and the latency is very low. The drifting issue has been fixed.
    2) The Windows SDK has already existed. We could send it to you by email. 
  • @admin Thank you for the clarification. Please send me the updated Windows SDK.
  • @admin Also, if there is an updated Android SDK, please send me that. I have 1.0.
  • @iVRy Could you DM us your email address? Thanks.
  • @admin Thanks. I'm not aware of a DM function in this forum. If there is one, please DM me and I'll reply with the email address (which you have in any case as part of my forum profile).
  • @iVRy Thanks for your reply. We have already sent them to your email address. 
  • @admin Thanks, I received the email. What is the plan for these SDKs? Are they going to see public release soon?
  • @iVRy Hi, there isn't an external link for the windows SDK currently. But the Android version has been already released in https://www.nolovr.com/developer?lang=en_US

  • @admin This "new" Windows SDK is a big step backwards from the USB SDK, and is unusable for my purposes. Is there a plan to update the USB SDK? As I'm developing software for both Android/Oculus and Windows, can you please provide me with a way to upgrade and downgrade the firmware so that I am at least able to test properly on all platforms? Thank you
  • @iVRy Thanks for your reply. We are not going to update the USB SDK at this stage. The Windows SDK includes the server package. You can just install the server, and get the SDK. There is no need for you to install other nolo apps. For the firmware, to upgrade it, simply using the NOLO HOME. To downgrade the firmware, we will send you an email with the required software. 
  • @admin Thank you. I am waiting for the firmware download email (sent serial no.). To confirm, the new Windows and Android SDKs will support both old and new firmware? New firmware has bug fixes and improved latency, and is completely incompatible with old drivers?
  • @iVRy We have sent you the firmware. Yes, the new Windows and Android SDKs support both old and new firmware. And the new firmware is not compatible with the old drivers. 
  • @iVRy With pleasure. You can always reach us at support@nolovr.com. 
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