Tracking is shaky

The tracking of the head marker and controller is very unstable
In the visualizer, headset markers swing back and forth as they swing by themselves
The controller is better than the headset marker but occasionally shakes
All firmware versions are up to date (head marker 2.2, controller 2.3)
There is no reflection on the front of the base station.


  • @coom1017 Hi, thanks for your message. May I check with you which HMD and what software are you using?
  • edited December 2018
    @admin I am using windows mr

    I want to do body tracking using driver4vr according to this video.
    nolo software uses nolohome and nolo assistant.
    The phenomenon of the problem appears in the visualizer of the nolo assistant.
    It does not seem to be a problem with external software like steamVR or driver4vr
  • @coom1017 Thanks for your reply. Currently, Driver4VR is not compatible with the latest firmware. Could you record a short video about the performance of NOLO CV1 in the Visualizer under NOLO Assistant and send it to Please also include your forum ID. 
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