Base station acting up

So i'm not sure what's going on with my Nolo base.
All I can say is, it's green light, on a stable flat surface but blinks red when it's down or up which I suppose is normal but the problem has to do with steamVR.

I'm use iVRy for this and when I'm inside the SteamVR room, headtracking seems to be working fine, but the controllers seems to be having a problem as it keeps facing straight. If I give my controllers a shake while rotating it, it seems to rotate along but then as I stop, it goes back to facing forward like love at first sight.

I'm not sure if my base is being glitchy or not but when I use the entire Nolo set up on Nolo assistance and also tried visualizer, it seems to be working just normally. The controllers are rotating as normal, the base appears as normal until I move my controller in and the base disappears from within the visualizer depending on how close I am. But other times it stays, but again, the controllers rotate perfectly normal on visualizer.

I'm not sure what's going on and would love to know if there's any help I can get.

Oh and in Nolo assistant, all parts are enable and shows their battery life so I know for one that it can all connect without problems.

I'm not sure if there's any other problems besides the controllers being locked forward constantly. And on steamVR, it shows all controllers are connected besides the base, in which the base turns on and then off. It stays on if I move my headmount constantly but turns off if I don't do anything.

I think that's pretty much all the information I can give for now regarding my problem.

Please help, thank you!


  • Hi Fruity, we replied to your email. :)
  • Hey, everyone! -The Solution-

    Just wanted to update that it's been all fixed thanks to the staff of NoloVR

    So with Nolo home, if you've updated your controller and head tracker, Riftcat and a couple of others software's won't be able to work properly since those software aren't compatible with the new updated devices. So for the time being (Until riftcat or iVRy updates their software...if you want to use them) if you've updated your devices, I suggest using Nolo home ONLY as your current VR software to play SteamVR or other games that you have. 

    Be sure to uninstall iVRy driver as it will have some issue with nolo's home drivers, such as controller not appearing in steamVR. 

    Also for the love of gaming, do not use the Base Repairing tool to fix your base unless the admins or staff of NoloVR tells you to. I ended up getting it from a random user who thought it'd be helpful but that type of stuff should come with a warning! But I was lucky enough it didn't affect my base in any shape or form.

    Other than that, if your controller is facing forward in one direction only, towards the base.. that's due to the incompatibility of Riftcat or iVRy not being updated yet to handle the new nolo device updates. 

    tltr: Just use Nolo Home as your current vr driver IF you updated your controllers and headtrack as riftcat or other VR softwares aren't currently updated to support the new nolo device updates which would cause problems such as tracking. 

    Thank you once again to the admins of NoloVR!
    Now I can enjoy those VR games! :D
  • @Fruity Thanks for your update and kind reminder. :) We hope you enjoy your Nolo!
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