Beat Saber changes angle of controllers

Thanks to the technical support that fixed me the problem with the firmware. But I have another question. In the game of beat saber, I often change the angle of the controllers. And left or right. Since the matter was not in the firmware, what is the whole thing? Or do I need to put the camera somewhere else? Well, is it connected with drivers from PiPlay? (Pimax 4k)


  • For the same money, one could buy for example controllers from vive. But I saw how cool Nolo controllers worked on YouTube videos. Why I for this money could not get what I want?
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your message. The controller drifting issue has been fixed in the latest firmware. But currently Pimax is not compatible with the latest firmware, so you may encounter the drifting issue while you're playing Beat Saber. 
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    @admin OK, I’ll expect new firmware supported for Pimax. Thanks the ask
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your reply. We have contacted Pimax about the latest firmware. But we are not sure when it will be available.
  • @admin ;and can be another 1 question. Can I remove the vibration of the controllers? In games, it often annoys me and prevents
  • @TheDeaX Sorry, the vibration function was set in games. I cannot be removed. 
  • @admin ;Topic created in the Pimax Forum. . I hope I get an answer from them about the incompatibility
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your update.  :)
  • @admin ;I will wait for the PiTool update. I hope this will not take long, because many people face this problem.
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your update. Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions. 
  • @admin ;I hope for the new year support for pimax will be ready. Of course, it is almost impossible to play Beat Saber from an expert. But at least other games have no such defects. And I would like more stability from the controllers. Can I put another 1 Nolo Base Station?
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your reply. Adding another base station will not affect the stability of the controllers. 
    We just released the firmware update for the base station. The updater is located in the NOLO HOME. You can update the firmware of your base station and try if there is any improvement. But be sure not to update the firmware of the headset marker and 2 controllers. Once you update the firmware of the base station, just quit the updater. 
  • @admin ;As for the flashing, I'm afraid to get the same situation as it was with the controller and the marker
  • @admin ;I'd rather wait when the pimax firmware nolo will be compatible
  • Having tried to update the base station, I see only an endless download. I waited for 1 hour but it does not flash. I was afraid of him, but now no one can even upgrade to a campaign ... @admin

  • I finally updated. If the window about connecting via Recovery Mode had not come out, I would not update it. I apologize for the false answer above. Improvements have thank you.
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your update. You can also reach us at 
  • @admin ;Will the forum write when the firmware will be compatible with the Pimax?

  • @TheDeaX Yes. We will announce in our social media (also here) if it is compatible with the Pimax. 
  • @admin ;no answer comes from pimax. I've been waiting a week and worry
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your update. If we have any news, we will post here.
  • @admin ;I put the camera higher, somewhere at head level, it became better, but I still have to pause so that they normalize. I also noticed that this is a random entry to the SteamVR menu. And sometimes it can accidentally turn 180 degrees, when I did not even touch the menu buttons. I don't know if my kit turned out to be a marriage and I need to return it back?
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    Thanks for autocorrection, you don't have to clamp the button twice
  • @admin where are you?...
  • ;I put the camera higher------its base station, right?
    . I also noticed that this is a random entry to the SteamVR menu. And sometimes it can accidentally turn 180 degrees, when I did not even touch the menu buttons----
    I think you touch the System key accidentally,now you can place the controller in beat saber to check if it turn 180 degrees

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    @admin yes, base station.
    Is the system button so sensitive?
    if i accidentally pressed that I would feel it.
    Also, when used, I note that my hat orientation gradually changes outside the base station
  • TheDeaX
    Yes, because the button on the controller's when u grip the controller, its easy to happen that 
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    @admin ok, thanks. I will try to make a cover on this button to avoid accidental clicks
  • @admin ;I added a cover, but the operating system Steamvr is still opened
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your reply. Did you use the OTG cable or 4-meter SteamVR cable to connect the headset marker? 
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