DK2 help!

Ok, I recently procured a 2nd hand DK2 (works great) and have followed both Nolo's guide and YouTuber Daley Tech's guide, on how to play steamvr games with Nolo VR.

Everything is installed as listed but when I close all oculus services, run osvr server and attempt to start steamvr, the dks is not recognized nor are any of the nolo controllers depsite showing up in Nolo assistant 1.18.

This is doing my head in as I was having a similar problem with my Viulux V1 headset which was recognized as an Oculus HDK2 when using runtime 0.80.

Help me ObiWan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

Cheers in advance




  • is nolo compatible with steamvr following firmware update?
  • steamvr keeps entering safe mode....???
  • Can I get a witness? currently using Oculus home 1.32.
  • I have tried everything possible to get my Nolo working with my DK2 but I have to admit, I'm beaten and starting to thin there may be something wrong with my kit.
  • @siege Hi, you can find the tutorial here.
    Please try this one and let us know if it works. You can also reach us at
  • Hey admin!

    After much uninstalling and re-installing, I appear to have made it work yay! Don't ask me what I did apart from start from scratch, fresh installs all round and, Eureaka! 

    Have only tested it briefly and want to decamp to a better environment. Will feedback if ok?

    All the best

  • @siege Thanks for your update. We will wait for your feedback. 
  • Admin

    Once again Nolo defeats me. I have followed the OSVR tutorial to the letter but when I start steamvr it crashes asking me to restart steamvr or quit steamvr. 

    Can you help please?
  • @siege Hi, we received your email and replied to you. 
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