Ceiling mounting issues

Hiya! Just picked up a Nolo a week or so ago and it was a remarkable upgrade over my Razer Hydras.

Anyway, no matter how much I fiddle with the settings, I can't seem to get the ceiling mount to work properly. And by properly I mean the controllers aren't moving correctly in the space and neither is the head mount. Instead of going up and down on a Y axis, it goes side to side.

Things I have tried to resolve the issue:

  • Ceiling mode in Nolo Assistant
  • Flipping the base around on the ceiling
  • Double tapping on both the ball attachment and controller menus

I'm using a Pimax 4K and the Nolo Assistant version is 1.1.14. I don't want to upgrade to 1.1.18 because I've been reading that's not a good idea at the moment.

The reason I want to use the ceiling over front is because in Beat Saber, when it turns me to the side, I've noticed a lack of properly detecting the right handed controller, probably because it disappears behind my body at times?

Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated!


  • Seriously?  Not even a reply from anyone?
  • update Nolo Assistant,
    it's the update of the firmware of your controllers that is not a good idea for now as I understand, still, you could re-install 1.1.14 if you have problems 
  • Gametista sorry for reply late.

    Please note –

    In ceiling mode, the reference direction is set as the direction that system button of base station is pointing in; please calibrate the controller orientation pointing in reference direction (i.e. no need to point to the ceiling);

    ii. The tracking precision would not be different from Normal mode (front-facing). While tracking lost might be frequent because of the block of tracking beacon on the devices by the player him/herself during the play, according to the player's behavior while lowering head (tracking beacon on the headset marker might be blocked) or keep hands straight (tracking beacon on the controller might be blocked). 

    As for ceiling mode – we had released demo version of ceiling mode but were not satisfied with the performance, therefore we suspended the update of this mode. If turn-around is needed during gameplay, we suggest using the 180° turn around hot key (double-click menu button). 

  • Sorry to be so snide, I'm just becoming very disenchanted with this product.  Thank you to the both of you for the reply.

    The update actually made this mode work somewhat, but only when the Nolo Assistant is running, but then duplicates the controllers in SteamVR because Pimax has the support built into PiPlay and causes conflict I'm assuming.  One set of controllers behaves incorrectly as I stated up above, the other behaves correctly and goes up and down the proper axis.  So basically it's unusable because you can't very well do things with 4 controllers.

    I've faced the headset up towards the ceiling when doing the Home Setup, but the same problem persists.

    I'm not actually looking for 360* tracking or anything, I'm just wanting my right arm to be tracked properly in a game like Beat Saber where when you do the 180* menu button hot key, it doesn't move back to face the base station for proper detection.  I'm fine with front facing tracking if I can fully reset my position to face the right way.  Keeping my arms out like a robot while playing doesn't seem feasible and is a shotty work-around, all to keep the controller in view of the station.  It also doesn't always work.

    If I'm missing something and am not doing it properly, I'm all ears. 

    I guess I'm also just annoyed that I printed a housing and installed it on the ceiling only to be told this was never an intentional way to set things up, almost like a bait and switch.  If it's not supposed to be a valid feature, why put it in the software as an option at all?

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    The reason I want to use the ceiling over front is because in Beat Saber, when it turns me to the side, I've noticed a lack of properly detecting the right handed controller, probably because it disappears behind my body at times?
    The beat saber is 180 ,and It beause you beyond the Positioning range, when you play it, please  facing the base station and the distance is about 2m
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    about 4 controllers,PIMAX have their own drivers Piplay, please keep Nolo Assistant  closed while playing with their drivers 

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    Hi everyone. I'm having the same problem listed in the first post here:
    1. Nolo Assistant has Ceiling mode set, but I still get tracked as if it were not set. So when the base station is ceiling mounted, moving forward & backward translate as moving up & down etc.
    2. I get 4 controllers in Steam VR, they don't ever calibrate to the correct positions.

    What is the correct sequence of events I need to follow to get correct tracking when ceiling mounted, and to only have 2 controllers which correctly calibrate and control? Can anyone summarise the steps? So far I read that to see only two controllers then Nolo Assistant must be closed, but I still see 4 controller icons. The only way I've found to get only 2 controllers is to uninstall Nolo Assistant, but then I don't have any way to set Ceiling mode (that I know of). And I still don't see correct ceiling mounted tracking.

    I'm using Pimax 4k, Nolo, PiPlay, Nolo Assistant and Windows 7 Pro.
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