Can I use Gear VR on non Samsung devices and setup Nolo VR?

Hello all.
I have new Asus ROG phone and Nolo VR set. 
Can I use Gear VR to play my Steam vr games using nolo on Asus phone?
Does someone know a way to play Stem VR games on mobile phone using nolo similar to Gear VR?



  • Alex_60G
    Hi, the Gear VR is just compatible with Samsung phone, you can use Gear VR+ Samsung phone+NOLO VR to play steam vr games;
    Asus ROG phone is Android phone, it can use for Cardboard, you can use Asus ROG +cardboard+NOLO VR  to play steam vr games

  • Oh, thanks
    Where I can find instructions for cardboard + Nolo to play stem vr game?

  • Alex_60G
    here is the info, but now we con't recommend that, its complicated , you can get one Oculus Go or Gear VR, its compatible with the least firmware and more stable
  • Thanks, I will try to use this instructions.
    to get Oculus Go its another 200$, i want to try the budget way first.
  • Alex_60G 
    Ok any issue please contact us freely
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