New Gear VR with Galaxy S8+ does't work with nolo home

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Sorry for my bad english.

I'm trying to use my New Gear VR(SN-R323) with Galaxy S8+.

My computer is connected to Wi-Fi via wireless router in the living room,
and I want to connect with Gear VR through the same Wi-Fi signal.

I followed the tutorial, and there was a 'stand alone vr headset 1605' message in nolo home connection list.

I clicked connect button, but it keeps showing 'connectting..' messages and steam vr shows nothing.

Is there a problem with my stuff?


  • @PuHa Thanks for your message. Could you let us know the specs of your computer? Also, did you check if there is any popup from SteamVR to let you select?
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    Computer spec

    CPU : i5-8400
    GPU : Geforce GTX970
    RAM : 16G

    When I'm trying to connect GearVR, NOLO HOME and SteamVR are in this state.

    I also turned on a base station and controllers.

    I played almost well(It has drifting problem) steamvr through nolo assistant with cardboard and riftcat several months ago,
    and now I bought a new gearvr for better experience with new nolohome program. 
  • I see. Just a quick check if you have done the following steps:
    1. disable all windows firewall
    2. disable anti-virus programme

    If it doesn't work, try to close the audio streaming in the setting and relaunch the streaming service again.
    You can always feel free to contact us at  
  • Disabling firewall works well. thanks!
    I added nolohome to a firewall exception list, and it works too.

    However, it's too laggy. I think that my wireless environment is not good enough to play steamvr games with nolovr.

    I hope that nolohome supports wiredmode someday.

  • @PuHa Thanks for your update. Are you using a 5G WiFi router? Normally the laggy comes from the network issue. 
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