Alot of problems have randomly surfaced

So i've been using my Nolo CV1 for just over a week now, and there was a period with minimal problems, but now some more have began to surface. I feel making a list is my best cause of action

My setup

  • Nolo Basestation mounted to ceiling, hand controllers and headmarker
  • Headmarker connected via 4 meter cable, phone connected via custom extender (4 meter cable for phone broke within days of purchasing)
  • Riftcat, with integrated Nolo drivers. Sometimes i use regular Nolo drivers alongside but it doesn't appear to make a change most of the time.
  • Headmount is a Goji VR
  • Phone is a Galaxy A6
Time for the problems
  • About a few minutes after starting a game, the headset will randomly stop tracking. It remains in a position facing foward. Controllers remain normal for about 15 seconds before also losing tracking and disappearing.
  • Riftcat will often fail to detect the Nolo
  • Touchpad no longer tracks on both controllers, even after multiple restarts and reboots. Unsure what caused the change
  • Often get an Error with SteamVR (308) after the game randomly crashes. Does not resolve until Reboot, where it will then happen again.


  • @crazedtech Hi, thanks for your message. I will check with our dev team and get back to you asap. 
  • @crazedtech Hi, we would like to book a remote session with you to check out the problem. Could you send your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri to 
  • Could i have a little more context for what you mean? Will it be a private text chat?
  • @crazedtech Hi, we replied to your email. We would like to use Teamviewer to access your desktop and check the issue. 
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