Pimax 8k, 5k+, 4k : Using nolo vr with the latest firmware



  • @VRMan Nice job!
  • @VRMan i try this solution
  • @admin ;I tried this method and you know, it even makes them work normally! Of course, I could recommend it to everyone, but how to say ... I noticed some lags when playing even with a 1080Ti video card, as well as the vibration of the controllers with each hit of the block. But thanks anyway, very good solution. Calibration took me less than a minute, because the controllers were right next to me.
  • Does it really work ok? Can it be recommended by NOLO? I updated base station firmware only as recommended by NOLO and already see improvements in tracking but i'm reluctant to update controllers and headset marker. I thought that controller rotation doesn't work at all with Pimax after upgrade.

  • @ziher ;Accuracy has improved several times, but the problem is that if 2 drivers work with controllers, they are terribly slowed down. lags happen. Of course, the experience has improved, but it's annoying that the controllers don't work.
    I think it's better to wait for Pimax to solve these problems. But the solution is good if someone, for example, can’t downgrade the firmware
  • settings
  • Beat Saber Gaming test 
  • Ok thanks, i'll wait for Pimax to make new driver..hopefully
  • @admin ;Better save the post for those who could not return to the old firmware
  • @TheDeaX We could downgrade the firmware for them. But yes, it's a good solution. 
  • edited February 2
    @admin ;I also tested the performance of the computer, everything turned out to be lagged against the performance of the controllers on the response that it is logical that 2 drivers work with it. In this case, the computer is even more heavily loaded than it is in the old version of the firmware that in the new. I will downgrade firmware, lags not playable witg vibrate
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your update. Do you want to book a remote session for that? Could you let us know the specs of your pc?
  • @admin ;
    CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K
    GPU: ASUS ROG GTX 1080Ti
    RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
  • @admin ;Do you work today? Amazing
  • @admin Yes, i want to book a remote session for that
  • @admin ;It would be useful to make a config for turning off and on the vibration. Sometimes it just infuriates, for example, I have a game that when the trigger is clamped, the controller vibrates.
  • @admin i have new issues
  • issue random rotation
  • 19:33 i not pressed, but he turned 180 degrees, while the pimax drivers worked so well and the official ones did not! problem in Pimax !!!
  • @VRMan check new issues

  • @TheDeaX Hi, thanks for your update. Yes. We are just back to the office today. Do you mean that you didn't press the 180 degrees hotkey but you actually turn around at 19:33? As we did encounter another Pimax user, didn't press any button, but while she was playing beat saber, the menu windows show occasionally. 
  • @TheDeaX I see. We would like to book a remote session for you to downgrade the firmware. Please send us your preferred time slot between 10:00-18:00 UTC+8 Mon-Fri to support@nolovr.com with your TeamViewer ID and password.
  • @admin you can downgrade me now?
  • @admin ;after I had played earlier on the new firmware with the clumsy drivers from VRMan, they were much better ... It seems that the old ones have become slower. if you consider that I did today downgrade firmware
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your reply. Please send us your preferred time slot to support@nolovr.com with your teamviewer ID and password. It's for your privacy. 
  • @admin ;what for? I told you that yesterday I did a downgrade firmware.
  • @TheDeaX Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding.  :# 
  • @admin ;if you don’t touch the vibration, the new nolo firmware version worked better even with an extension than with the old firmware and officially created for it the pimax driver. one has only to expect movement from the Pimax
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your update. Yes, the latest firmware fixed some bugs and reduced the latency. 
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