Tracking all wonky....unusable

After a failed attempt to use Nolo with Direk-tek HMD I decided to just use a Cardboard (Homido V2) headset with Riftcat. Now the buttons work , but the tracking is all over the place. My headset marker is in the ceiling and the controllers are pointing OPPOSITE of the base station in Steam VR... I can't even perform room setup because it is not tracking properly in the room space setting. A simple floor fix fixes the floor but controller is still pointing at wrong direction and tracking horribly, even after 360 degree turn... Completely unusable.

I did a firmware downgrade last week through remote session. I am using psuedovive driver since Steam VR does NOT recognize the Nolo without it. I also tried Nolo Assistant and old Nolo drivers. Nothing works.... Can anyone help me? Thank you.

After Oculus, Vive, and MR became more main stream it seems Nolo took a step back in supporting Cardboard...


  • @mrxkuul Thanks for your message. Can you try your NOLO CV1 in the Visualizer under the NOLO Assistant? The visualizer is to test if there is any problem with the hardware. If it works fine there, then it must be a software issue. Please also try the Riftcat settings. If you have Oculus Go or Gear VR, NOLO HOME will be a good choice for you. 

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