Controller behind my back and at the side in Steam!

New NOLO arrived yesterday.
Installed driver and controllers show up in steam VR. BUT at a wrong location.
My setup is Lenovo Explorer (windows mixed reality) head only + NOLO.
Tried moving base station many times, floor calibration, controller orientation, steam VR room setup, no luck.

After much struggle, I believe I understand what is happening.
Visualizer from NOLO driver have always showed reasonable tracking.
But in steam the controllers always appear AT THE VERY SAME WRONG PLACE after trying everything I could find on the internet. That wrong place is about one meter diagonally away from me, at the back and left. Can't play anything in this state.

Also, in steam, headset alone determines where my head is. The NOLO head marker's position is totally irrelevant. So I believe NOLO system correctly(in the physical sense) finds where the head marker and two controllers are in 3D space, but the coordinate system is different from that of WMR, which creates an offset.

Only once managed to put my virtual hands close to my body but over my head. That was possible by pressing the head marker's button on the floor using my toe, with base station at the highest place, holding the controllers up high. What a funny gymnastic exercise are you forcing me to do, NOLO? And then I returned the base station back on the desk and head piece on top of the headset. But even then the error was too large for me to play games, and after further calibration, it returned to the THE VERY SAME WRONG PLACE again.

My request is to put a simple menu in the driver where I can put X, Y, Z offset. I have already wasted two days having no fun. I can put up with typing numbers a dozen times, each time putting on and off the headset. I cannot put up with having spent 200 dollars(local price) on this unusable system.


  • @NewNoloUser Hi, thanks for your message. But NOLO CV1 is not compatible with Lenovo Explorer (WMR). I hope you could understand. 

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    Of course I can't understand. You advertise that NOLO works with both PC and mobile VR platforms. There is no warning about WMR not being supported. I demand proper consumer support or full refund.

    Also, the headset and the motion controller both aim to accurately track physical position. Why can't they work independently? Why is there a compatibility issue at all? Isn't the virtual space defined by the Steam platform? What is wrong with WMR working on it?
    Steam VR accepts NOLO as a motion controller already. What is it that prevents you from at least letting ME calibrate the coordinates myself?

    Right now, for me, NOLO is completely unusable for gaming (WATCH VIDEO) but I suspect you could fix it rather simply.
  • @NewNoloUser Thanks for your reply. NOLO works with both PC VR headsets and mobile VR headsets. But not all headsets. NOLO is compatible with most VR headsets. The reason you cannot use NOLO CV1 with WMR is due to the VR headsets need to integrate our SDK. If they didn't integrate our SDK, you cannot play with it. As the positioning data cannot be read. I hope you could understand. May I know where did you purchase it? If you purchased from Amazon, I think you could get the refund there if you follow the refund policy there. 
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