Poll for all.

Do you notice lags on the new Nolo firmware, slowing down or failure to track? I need this information in order to find out what the problems are all about. I have 3 possible factors:

1) due to strange compatibility with additional settings from other users. Drivers are obtained double and most likely they double interaction and slow down

2) because of the long usb cable, probably also can be considered as an option. I have it 5 meters long.

3) common firmware issue for all

I will be glad if everyone answers my question, I will also communicate with Pimax about building drivers and their full compatibility for the new Nolo firmware


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    Pimax play from new firmware nolo. Setup done successfully, and finally it will soon be possible to play on the Pimax without complaints. Tracking is better than nothing

    For comparison, I will provide it as it was with the old Nolo firmware and Pimax support

    In the old firmware, I just felt like a hand and know that the controller constantly changes its direction during a sudden movement, it is not so fun and unplayable. With the new firmware, I’m not suffering anymore, but I’ll leave your choice on what you want to do with the Pimax and with others that are incompatible with the new nolo firmware

    The source for which I carried out the compatibility setting with the latest firmware

    The only thing you have to do after this is to turn off the vibration in the beat saber, or it is so strong that it brings more discomfort than the convenience of knocking down blocks. It is in the folder C:\Users\(you)\AppData\LocalLow\Hyperbolic Magnetism\Beat Saber and find and edit settings.cfg as I have only one line which I indicated https://ibb.co/ctys2Ww
  • @TheDeaX Thanks for your message. Yep, we think it may due to the first factor. It didn't use the normal way to integrate the SDK. So some data may be missed.  The 5m USB cable should be ok.
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    Also, have you updated the firmware of the base station?
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    @admin yes is updated all of devices nolo
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    @admin ;at the same time, the base station decided to upgrade via Recovery Mode. New version is 3 of base station, right?
  • @TheDeaX Sorry, I didn't get what you mean. Do you mean that you update the firmware of the base station by using the recovery mode? What's the recovery mode? The firmware can be updated by NOLO HOME.
  • @admin ;I Nolo Home program gave instructions that I need to hold some button and simultaneously connect the wire and press "update"
  • that's what i mean
  • @admin it bad update? what should he do, I did not notice the changes
  • @admin ;The drivers eventually went bad because of the SteamVR and OpenVR Input Emulator breakdowns. Well, of course, I was playing, I think at the end to add that the new firmware is installed at your own risk, as it will work in general in Pimax. the problem is that SteamVR goes into safe mode and from this dual drivers can not run
  • @TheDeaX All the latest firmware can be updated from the NOLO HOME. If your computer didn't instruct the device enter into DFU, the instruction will guide you on how to enter the DFU mode manually. Thanks for your updated information. 
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