Auto-Shutdown fix for the new firmware?

edited February 26 in Support
As far as i know the Auto-Shutdown fix only works with 2.0/2.2 at Controllers, but whats with 2.3?
Theres still no option to turn off the Auto-Shutdown? q.q
Would like to know if there's a way atm, or we have to wait.~


  • @LewdNya Hi, we could do a remote session for you to refresh the firmware to disable auto-shutdown version (latest firmware)
  • edited February 27
    Hello, I have the same issue. I'm using it for full body. Pls help :)
    I tried to send you guys an email but it didn't work somehow.. 
  • @Sugarcube hi, we will write an email to your email address which you registered here. 
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