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I play well with the PSVR and Nolo CV1. 
I got absolutely wonderful experience. thanks. 

Anyway I have one suggestion. 
Already the nolo supports feature 'Turn 180 degree'. It's so useful. 

But many games support 360 or 180 tracking mode. 
so I play on 180 degree mode.
But I can't track well in end of angle (right 90/left 90)
maybe the left hand over the right hand make a problem of tracking.

So. If you make feature the turning 90 or 45 degrees,
Each controller's menu button can turn left or right.

How about this idea?
I'm not good in English. so I hope my idea is communicated well. 


p.s. Can iVRy application make this feature regardless of the Nolo S/W.
       I know the iVRy has separated nolo's driver. 


  • @indeu Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Do you want the touchpad of both controllers to have a turning function?
  • @admin

    The menu button’s double click is 180 turn currently. 

    For example,
    the right menu button’s double click makes right turn 45degree. 
    the left menu button’s double click makes left turn 45degree. 

    You can make set this function in nolo assist. 
  • @indeu Thanks, I see what you mean. As most of the key mappings have been set by the games, we may not able to do that at this stage. 
  • 90° both will be way better, but the 90° lost of track is so little that it almost never cause problems, but maybe letting choice between 180° on both or 90° on each direction could be a good idea ^^
  • @cyberkevin @indeu OK. I'll send your suggestions to our dev team. 
  • @cyberkevin@admin ;
    Currently, I use the OpenVR Advanced Settings 2.8.x (developing version) for custom rotation. It makes the menu button do rotate angle and drag position(x,y,z). 
    Maybe they will release 3.0.0 in 3~4 weeks.

  • @indeu Cool, thanks for letting us know.
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