Base ceiling mode does not work in GEARVR + RIFTCAT + wireless mode.

Base ceiling mode does not work in GEARVR + RIFTCAT + wireless mode.
The assistant's ceiling mode is turned on and the "NOLO Wireless" feature of RIFTCAT is also turned on.
The headset mount's cable is connected to GEARVR.

NOLO HOME's wireless streaming is great, but it does not support the ceiling mode of the bass, making it difficult to use in a small room. Will NOLO HOME support ceiling mode?


  • It seems NOLO HOME supports ceiling mode. XD
    You just need to change the value (on the 79 column) from 0 to True in the file named "NOLO_HOME.exe.config". Then save it. 
  • Thank you, it works.
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     ;) I enjoy it pretty much. 
  • Hi, I have found the file but I can't find the value that need to be modified. Can you be more precise about it ?
  • @William_Banana It's on the 79th row, you just simply change the 0 to True. It's under the row of  <setting name="RenderIndexTwo" serializeAs="String">

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    @idanliu Is this still a fix and is there a manual setting you can change in home for it to recognize the ceiling mode? I've changed this value and it doesn't seem to do anything for mine
  • @tc2982 after you set it up, there will be no change in the NOLO HOME. But you can actually use the ceiling mode function. 
  • @admin Whenever I either pair it normally then put it on the ceiling or pair it while its on the ceiling the controllers aren't being registered in front of me. I'm currently using a Gear VR and Nolo Home app with the hotfix above to show as
    "<setting name="BCellingMode" serializeAs="String">

    Can you give a more step by step guide on how I can try this feature out? I recently purchased the Nolo and I was excited to read about the 360 tracking and I wanted to try it out.
  • @tc2982 Hi, thanks for your message. As for ceiling mode – we had released the demo version of ceiling mode but were not satisfied with the performance, therefore we suspended the update of this mode. If turn-around is needed during gameplay, we suggest using the 180° turn around hotkey (double-click menu button). 
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