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Good day! Interested in four questions.

1. My Nolo VR works quite normally, but at the base station the power button is always lit in red, and the base station vibrates, is this normal?
2. Can I connect my Oculus Go + Nolo VR with USB cables to a PC?
3. Is there an opportunity to run games from Nolo on OculusGo directly, without a PC (as with Gear VR)?
4. In beat saiber sabers often deviate from the real position of the controller. Is it possible to fix this somehow?

Thank you for your reply!


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    I can only answer from my own experience;

    1. Base station light for me stays red if it is working somehow faulty (for example, you've placed it on surface thats not steady enough to stay still and vibrates with base station). Vibration in itself is normal, or atleast thats what I believe. Mine vibrates and as long as it's on something solid and heavy enough to not vibrate with base, it works(and light is green).

    2. Depends. Why would you want to do that? If it is to charge at the same time as you play, there is possible solutions out there, but it requires OTG cable with 2 or more inputs and charging and data transfer capabilities simultaneously. I have gotten approx 4 hours of game time this way, though I did charged from wall socket, and there was quite some heating on headset. (OculusGo)

    3.  Dont know, but this should be easy enough to find out in Google, or search in Oculus store for application?

    4. What I think happens there, isnt something you can make much about. Keep your equipment clean, stay about 2-3meters away from base, try to keep base/head and controllers visible to each others as much and as good as possible. It most likely uses somekind of triangular algorithm to track position, so if you at any point fail to deliver clear sight to these, algorithm is forced to start guessing and when it gets singal back, it's hard to get back on tracks without user input (calibrating controllers). 

    Kinda common sense there, with only 1 base and second "pseudo" base at your head it's not simple task to track precisely,  but they are improving code constantly and getting better at tracking. 

    My 2 cents. 

  • @j00nA Hi, many thanks for your answers! It helped a lot. 
    About the 3rd question,  we tested our NOLO HOME(game platform) games on Oculus go, and it runs smoothly. But the testing is still in process. 

  • @j00nA Hi, many thanks for your answers!
    @admin ;Wow This is great news, thanks!

    After the last update, the base station button is green, and the controllers are tracked even more accurately.
  • @ushlepok666 Thanks for your update!  :)
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