Base Position for both - sit-mode & stand-mode.

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Hi again ) Another question.
If I place base station at the almost 11 o'clock (left-side from me) at the distance ~3m, will it work correct in both ways? 
While Im playing on chair, dont using hand controllers, only NOLO tracker on Pimax headset.
So middle between me and base - is also middle of "game-room" in stand mode.
But base height is ~ 1.2m  (my tall is 1.7)
Will it work well in both scenario or I need reajust for different types of games?
Very sorry for my english ^^" 


  • @Felix_Shep Hi, thanks for your message. May I know why do you want to put the base station at 11 o'clock position? normally, users should face the base station directly. And the optimized distance is 2m. You can just run the SteamVR room setup with "standing only" mode. Then you can still play it on your chair or you can play while you're standing. 
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