Occasional 360 spins?

I am having a problem where the view occasionally spins a full 360 degrees to the left or the right. It makes one complete turn very quickly, then stops till it happens again. This happens randomly, about once to 4 times a minute. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the movement of my head or the controlers.

I have ivry PSVR paid edition installed and a set of NOLO trackers hooked up with (I think) 1.18 firmware. About a month ago I was not having this problem, then I de-installed everything to try some other software and just re-installed the ivry/nolo setup today.

I have tried doing a "recalibrate" a couple of times in the ivry settings and have also done a room setup a couple times...same problem every time.

Not sure if this is an ivry or a nolo problem (or both) any help would be appreciated.

Right now the base station is sitting on top of my monitor, about level with my head and 2-3 feet away


  • @Greg_Corson Hi, thanks for your message. As you mention, the base station is about 2-3 feet away from you. From my point of view, it's too close. The optimazed distance from the base station is 2 meters. The FOV of the base station is 100 degress, so if you are closer to it, the less area you can get tracking. 
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    @admin @Greg_Corson I had same problem exactly. It's not a distance problem.

    After I changed the iVRy's older version(in steam beta section), It works fine.

    I didn't update Nolo's latest firmware.
    I have no idea what is the problem exactly.
    @admin Is there a problem about the re-centering in your latest Nolo SDK? The latest iVRy includes your new released SDK.
    Does the new released SDK work with only latest Nolo device's firmware?

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