Can't update firmware


I have sent an email to nolo support with my Teamviewer ID and password about an hour ago. In the meantime I tried to update the firmware myself. The problem is that the base station firmware update keeps failing (as far as I can tell this happens because Windows constantly tries to detect the USB device that is connected but doesn't have a valid driver). As long as it is connected the base station has an orange light that keeps blinking - I can always restart the update process but it always fails sooner or later (depending on when Windows tries to re-detect the device I guess). I have tried multiple USB cables and ports. Any advice?


  • I had same issue, succeeded after Nth time, took me at least an hour
  • Thanks for your reply. Support never came so in the end I did it your way and it finally worked. I think holding the power and pairing button (for recovery mode) did the trick in the end. I used to hold the buttons only until the connection was made and then let them go and start the update, but the last time I did it I kept them pressed all the way through the update and the update finished A LOT quicker than before and successfully.

    So this thread can be closed as solved.
  • @stefan1331 Thanks for your message. Last Friday was the Tomb-sweeping day. So we're out of the office. 
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