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When I got my new Nolo, I could not get it set up. From a hunch, I changed all the cables, since they seem to be standard micro-usb and it worked perfectly. I think at least the base cable I received was faulty, since replacing that line, with the head monitor line, it worked as it was intended. 

Anyway I can get a replacement, it is the long line with the Y connector. 


  • Sorry, let me clarify. Ihave the Pimax 4k, and I replaced the base station line with the Y and the head tracker line with 2 different lines to USB 3.0.
  • @BrokeAFx Hi, thanks for your message. There is a 3 in 1 USB line, that is only for charging NOLO devices. Please try to use the 4m USB cable to connect the headset marker to your PC. Actually, you don't need to use that 3m USB cable with the Y connector. 
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