GTX 1660 TI Doesn't meet Nolo specification?

Cant install Nolo Home after upgrading from GTX 1060 to GTX1660 TI It says it doesn't meet Nolo specification. I've really had it with this product and software, it has never work right since the day I bought it.. so I've uninstalled it, Reinstalled and now it's taking forever to download Nolo Home online Update and that has to download 171 files... Plus it has to stay right in the middle of the F'n screen, Seriously..  What a joke! 


  • @Altamira Hi, please connect your computer to the network. The graphics cards supporting list has been updated. If you still have this problem, please email us at So we can book a remote session for you.
  • Still says your computer needs to meet the following requirements.. and X beside the graphics card
  • @Altamira Please close the user guide. And if not, then can you try to uninstall then install the NOLO HOME again? 
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