Home 1.11.12 No Longer Tracking Nolo

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Opening the visualizer in the Nolo Home will track the headset marker for a couple of seconds then no longer.

Nolo Home 1.10.x was tracking correctly in the visualizer.

Video: Demonstrating the Visualizer stopped tracking.
  • The timestamped link above is where it begins after I have checked firwmare versions
  • The video contains initial attempt after first time using home 1.11.12
  • Then continues to me checking if my firmware is up to date
I have tried paring all the devices to the base station again but that did not solve the issue. I have also tried the one click repair button.


  • Tracking for me in Nolo Home 1.10 visualizer for comparison: Video

    (I was testing headset marker rotation drift if you are wondering what is going on in the video)
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    @Observer Hi, thanks for your message. May I check with you if you have updated the NOLO HOME to version 1.11.13? If so, please try to uninstall then install the NOLO HOME again. 
  • @admin I can confirm that 1.11.13 now tracks in the visualiser. Still no touch input displayed in the visualiser, but otherwise it appears to works again.
  • @Observer Thanks for your update. Yes, we found out this bug. The touchpad cannot be tested in the Visualizer. We will fix it soon. 
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