Ceiling mount not functioning, what is the correct procedure?

Hi everyone. I'm having the same problem listed in another post here but I guess it's an "old" discussion now :) :
1. Nolo Assistant has Ceiling mode set, but I still get tracked as if it were not set. So when the base station is ceiling mounted, moving forward & backward translate as moving up & down etc.
2. I get 4 controllers in Steam VR, they don't ever calibrate to the correct positions.

What is the correct sequence of events I need to follow to get correct tracking when ceiling mounted, and to only have 2 controllers which correctly calibrate and control? Can anyone summarise the steps? So far I read that to see only two controllers then Nolo Assistant must be closed, but I still see 4 controller icons. The only way I've found to get only 2 controllers is to uninstall Nolo Assistant, but then I don't have any way to set Ceiling mode (that I know of). And I still don't see correct ceiling mounted tracking.

I'm using Pimax 4k, Nolo, PiPlay, Nolo Assistant and Windows 7 Pro.
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