head mount not connecting with gear vr

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so i got this nolo vr to use with my gear vr. i followed all the instructions but it seems to not work. steam shows that it has two controller but it won't move and buttons are not working. and also looks like head mount is not working. i have attached the otg cable to gear vr but head mount won't even blink and no respond. connecting to pc seems to work. quick help would be good. 


  • btw all the nolo devices are on newest firmware. 
  • @ksdople Thanks for your message. 
    Please check the LED status of all the NOLO devices. They should be all solid green, otherwise, they're not working properly. 
    If the LED of the headset marker is not lit, please try to use a 1m USB cable to connect it to your pc to see whether it works. You can also contact us at support@nolovr.com.  

  • sent you the email. The new version of the Gear VR which is R3250 (comfortable with S10) seems to not have OTG support and I don't know why they are moving backwards. So i wanna know is there a other way to use nolo with gear vr. And also you should probably update the status with gear vr that new version of Gear VR won't work with nolo like previous version of Gear VR. 
  • @ksdople Hi, thanks for your update. We received your email. It's weird, as the GearVR doesn't need to be charged. So if they cancel the OTG support, we're not sure the purpose of the OTG cable. 
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